Cleaning bath for gemstones and pearls Sambol 50 ml


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Product contains: 50 ml

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* Sambol jewelry laundry *

The perfect & gentle quick cleaning and ideal pre-wash of gold, silver, blackened silver, stainless steel, precious stones, fashion and trend jewelry!
Ideal for the preparation of repairs / reprocessing, as the practical bottle in the shape of an hourglass enables contact-free cleaning

Amount: 50 ml

* suitable for any jewelry
* soft stones are not attacked
* particularly suitable for sensitive materials such as turquoise, opals, pearls, corals, minerals, fossils, fashion and trend jewelry
* Immediate cleaning control possible
* serves as an alternative to ultrasonic cleaning
* Integrated tarnish protection and brightener

* It removes grease, grinding and polishing pastes, and pigment contamination
* acid and alkali free
* has an antibacterial effect
Open the lid and place jewelry in the container, close it and turn it upside down. A short toast starts the jewelery wash. Leave on for a few minutes. The process can be repeated for stubborn dirt. Remove loosened dirt with a fine brush or a soft cloth. Rinse with water. Soft stones are not attacked. Gold gets its natural shine.
This jewelry wash should always be used before the immersion baths. It extends the service life of the immersion baths.


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