BACATUS Jewelry Glue Super Glue 20g (495€/1kg)


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BACATUS jewelry adhesive ✓ ideal for jewelry production

Amount: 1 bottle = 20 g

BACATUS jewelry adhesive is a colorless, cold-curing, one-component cyanoacrylate-based superglue for the highest demands. It is characterized by optimal strength values and its wide range of applications.

Suitable for bonding

– almost all commercially available plastics (not PE and PP)
– Natural and synthetic rubber, rubber
– Metals and their alloys, ceramics, glass beads, precious stones, porcelain and much more.

Has special meaning our Jewelry glue when gluing ribbons and jewelry wire in metal clasps.

The adhesive cannot be used if the bond is exposed to constant water. The adhesive is only suitable to a limited extent for absorbent or porous materials.
Permanently temperature resistant up to + 70 ° C, briefly up to + 100 ° C.

Hazard warnings:

Cyanoacrylate adhesive
Attention! Bonds skin and eyelids in seconds.
Keep out of the reach of children.

May irritate the airways. Avoid inhalation of vapor.
Call a poison center or doctor if you feel unwell.

All references to the please Safety data sheet remove!


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